1991 – Perspecta,  Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 1993 – Sound art Meridian, Xebec Hall, Kobe Japan, 1997- Voltage, The physics room Christchurch, New Zealand.

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An experimental electro-acoustic work “Siphon” explores the inherent qualities of electricity and its characteristic sounds by interpreting, sculpturally an electronic component within a sound producing circuit.

The work uses a number of specially constructed glass capacitors, based on the “leyden jar”, an eighteenth century device, which demonstrates the possibilities for storing electricity in insulated containers. Each of the jars in “Siphon” acts temporarily like a battery, filling and emptying with electricity. The circuit specially designed for this, amplifies the process of charging and discharging, so that this phenomena, which is normally neither seen nor heard, is made evident.
Siphon explores the sculptural possibilities of what are essentially invisible materials, and it is this evidence of phenomenological absence, which raises questions about the nature of a contemporary world which has been rationally created but which is experienced largely on the level of faith.