The Oscillators

1995 – Sound In Space: Australian Sound Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Comprised of conventional art materials pencil (graphite), paper and silver leaf these drawings are functioning interpretations of the circuit diagram of the electronic device the phase shift oscillator. Electricity generated by the Solar panel is fed directly into the drawing and the pencil marks, silver and paper are used to conduct, impede and collect electricity.

All conventional electronic components except the  transistor and a piezo speakers have been replaced by the graphite drawings, connecting wires and silver leaf.

The recording of this installation titled “the Oscillators” and an essay titled  “The Oscillators, Sensitive systems and Abstract machines, the experience of” was  published in Leonardo Music Journal, in a special edited edition by Douglas Kahn titled “The Lyre’s Island Some Australian music Sound Art and Design”.  Leonardo Music Journal, Vol 6 MIT press 113-114 1996  and the Leonardo Music Journal CD series Vol 6 1996