Timber, anechoic tiles, acoustic barrier rubber, plasterboard, video monitors, video transmitters. Commissioned by the Performance Space and supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Telepathy was exhibited in the Carriageworks Bay 19.

Initially commissioned by Sally Breen who at the time was a curator at Performance space, the work was eventually implemented by curator Bec Dean when Sally left to start her own commercial gallery. The work involved an elaborate construction on site. Materials included custom made anechoic acoustic tiles, 16 mm plasterboard, acoustic blanket, plywood, timber frame and 3 channel video with transmitters. It was built with the assistance of Stephen Hamper.  Andrew Murphie writes in the catalogue essay “To experience Telepathy is to renew the experience of a different organization of thought, one found not only in dreams, but in a courageous rethinking of material structure itself as the basis for dreaming differently.”