The Immaterials: Language-Molecules-Vibrations

Haines/Hinterding 2008 – CURRENT 08: Sculpture Projects in the River City A limited edition Artists publication Commisioned by Parramatta City Council, Supported by Parramatta Artists Studios

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A limited edition Artists publication: PDF of Immaterial’s Language-Molecules-Vibration TEXTS: Dr Ann Finegan: Parramatta Mangroves: Amanda Williams: Melancholy Suburbia FRAGRANCE/ MOLECULAR COMPOSITIONS: David Haines: Ghost Leaves & Ozone Rubber (wearable perfumes)  Ghost Leaves: Includes notes of Lantana and Fennel, fresh cut grass, river water/ozone, violet leaf and macrocylic musk. Ozone Rubber: Includes notes of Goodyear Tyre Rubber, Sea Water, floral Ozone, Chypre (Isobutyl Quinoline) and vetiveryl acetate mud accord SOUND: Joyce Hinterding : Transriver: Audio CD Electro-magetic Field recordings October 2008 IMAGES: Haines /Hinterding : Parramatta River Series October 2008