2009    Aura, Breenspace, Sydney, 2010  Love of Diagrams, PICA (Perth Institute for contemporary Art) WA

2010, Opening Lines, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces , Melbourne, 2010 No Right Turn, Penrith Regional Gallery

This suite of drawings resonates sympathetically to the electromagnetic fields within the gallery and engages with the possibilities for evidencing the local energetic environment through gold and graphite graphic interpretations of mathematical algorithms that behave like antennas. This work expands the conceptual limits of representation by activating the functional properties in the image both as a material entity and as a form and opens up possibilities for working with images as energy scavenging devices.

Aura was funded by an Australia Council Fellowship and first exhibited in a solo exhibition Breenspace Sydney. The work went on to be included in the exhibitions; No Right Turn, at Penrith Regional Gallery, Love of Diagrams, at PICA (Perth Institute for contemporary Art) WA, and Opening Lines,  at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces , Melbourne.