The Phantom Leaves 1-5

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  • violet violet
  • wormwood2 wormwood2
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  • wormwood wormwood
  • spearmint spearmint
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  • grassvalley grassvalley
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  • 1000leaves 1000leaves

The Phantom Leaves 1-5 2010: Five aroma compositions with Kirlian Photographs. Aroma Compositions: Mint Glass, Wormwood of the Sea, Violets on Fire, Grass Valley, A Thousand Leaves.

First exhibited in GREEN: Colin Langridge (TAS) David Haines (NSW) Richard Giblett (VIC) Lucy Bleach (TAS) Roman Signer (SWITZ) Bec Stevens (TAS) Richard Wastell (TAS) Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt (UK). Curated by Geoff Parr, Lucy Bleach and Bec Stevens.