Monocline : White Cube / Monocline: Black Boxes


Monocline: White Cube - Real-time 3D environment,Kinect motion sensor,3d audio.2010 Monocline, Premiered at SuperDeluxe for the 17th Biennale of Sydney in dual channel performance,2011 Monocline: White Cube exhibited at Breenspace Sydney,2011 Monocline BlackBoxes exhibited at SoundFull,The Dunedin Public Art Gallery NZ and Wellington City Gallery 2012-2012 Monocline: The NowNow Festival, Sydney,2012 Monocline: BlackBoxes,SoundSpheres Tarrawarra Bienial at the Tarrawarra Museum of Art

Monocline: white cube, establishes a real time navigable environment that redresses the game paradigms of skill and challenge and instead allows viewers to move freely through multiple immersive abstract worlds. The navigation system for this is achieved with a motion-sensing device that tracks people’s bodies.  In this way the work allows the viewer to explore a real time sound and image environment by physically moving.  Monocline: Black Boxes,  was developed for double HD projection and incorporates  two additional levels and  an expanded set of sonic experiences based on field recordings of energy and electromagnetic phenomena that are positioned strategically within this virtual environment to create a 3dimensional sound field. The work can be exhibited as an installation, or set up for performance.

Monocline: Black Boxes  -  Real-time 3D environment utilizing the Unreal Engine and the Kinect motion sensor, Double HD video resolution with spatial 3d audio.

Haines/Hinterding Monocline: White Cube - extract from Haines/Hinterding on Vimeo.