A disassembled flower 2012

A disassembled flower 2013. Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University.


A synthetic Jasmine aroma is composed from a historical synthetic aroma formula found in the literature and then broken down into seven of its aromatic component accords. An accord in perfumery is a particular combination of a number of materials balanced in such a way that the combination of the materials no longer smells like any of its individual parts. This is analogous perhaps to what a chord is in music.

The eighth sphere in the sequence puts all seven accords back together again so that the audience can experience the wondrous aroma of synthetic Jasmine. Along the wall are pages from the artists sketchbook, presented as ultrachrome prints. The spheres ar based on Buckminster Fullers geodesic forms and are made from scored and folded black stonehenge paper constructed by the artist.