News:Hinterding Simple Forces

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News:Hinterding Simple Forces

Simple Forces
Opening Thursday 24 October, 6–8 pm


Joyce Hinterding, Loops and Fields: series 4, 2010, ink & graphite on paper, 76 x 57 cm

With sensory richness and remarkable resourcefulness, Hinterding makes us aware of the vast array of ambient energy that swathes us, all the while testing the limits – and expanded possibilities – of representation.
Patrice Sharkey, Artist Proof #1, MUMA, 2012
In Simple Forces, Joyce Hinterding considers the aesthetics of our electromagnetic environment through a series of conductive graphite drawings and installations. Hinterding’s work finds a compelling balance between physics and aesthetics, a practice immersed in the strange territory between a field and the force it is able to generate. Hinterding’s work articulates and responds to iconography, philosophy and deep science – transforming matter into ideas, and ideas into matter.


Level 3, 17–19 Alberta St

Sydney, NSW 2000